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Fun Holiday Food Facts

December 7, 2018

The holidays are synonymous with delicious food & drink...after all who doesn’t love getting together to celebrate special times with friends and family while enjoying mouth-watering treats? 

But do you know the origin of some of your holiday favorites? Below are four fun facts guaranteed to impress. Who knows? They might come in handy at trivia some day!

Fun Fact: During medieval times, the typical Christmas dinner featured peacock or boar. In the 16th century, King Henry VIII began having turkey instead and as a result roasted poultry, including chicken, became the norm.
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Fun Fact: Many cultures around the world eat pork on New Years’ Day for good luck. This is because pigs root around with their snouts moving in a forward motion, which symbolizes progress for the coming year.
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Fun Fact: Peppermint candy canes were invented in 1670, when a choirmaster commissioned candies shaped like a shepherd’s crook to give to children in hopes of keeping them quiet during a nativity service. 
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Fun Fact: Cut-out Christmas cookies date back to the eighteenth-century tradition of English traveling players, who used them and other foods as props when acting out Christmas stories. 

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