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The Legend of Nashville Hot Fried Chicken

August 19, 2019

One of our new dinner menu items, Nashville Hot Fried Chicken, has an interesting legend surrounding its creation.

Apparently some 80 years ago, a man named Thornton Prince III was very handsome & quite the womanizer; among other things, he had been married more than five times. After one particularly late night out doing God only knows what, he stumbled home. His wife at the time decided to get her revenge through his stomach: she mixed up the hottest possible concoction of fried chicken she could dream of, hoping to set him on fire from the inside out!

However her efforts backfired: Thorton loved the chicken so much that, in the mid 1930s, he & his brothers created their own recipe & opened the BBQ Chicken Shack café. The rest is culinary history!

Present-day, this delicious dish has made its way to our menu! For only $16, you can enjoy Nashville Hot Fried Chicken on top of toast and served with mashed potatoes, country-style white gravy & creamy coleslaw!

We hope you enjoy!